With 35mm film dead….

This article by Daniel Eagan in THE ATLANTIC discusses the analog-to -digital switch in the movie industry.  Hollywood is the last domino to fall.




Eagan states:  Here’s an indication of how dire the situation has become. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organization behind the Oscars, held “the first-ever ‘Film-to-Film’ Festival,” from September 27 to 29. It is an outgrowth of the Academy’s “Project Film-to-Film,” an initiative designed “to take advantage of the current, but threatened, availability of film stock.”

In other words, a film festival celebrating film itself.


Around the world in one day

Thanks to critic/writer Blake Gopnik for this feature in THE DAILY BEAST’s – ART BEAST











Over the weekend there have been a number of online features about my book from far and wide.  In addition to THE DAILY BEAST (above) there have been features in the following:

The Final Kodak Moment in The Daily Mail – United Kingdom

Un libro documenta la fulminante derrota de la película fotográfica frente a la industria digital – in 20Minutos.es – Spain

The Decline of Film Companies Around the World in NetEase 163.com – China

Fotógrafo registra demolição de fábricas de material fotográfico -http://g1.globo.com/ – Brazil

Filmens siste kapittel – Akam Magazine – Norway

The book is out!

Although Hurricane Sandy slowed things down a bit – the book made it onto the shelves  this past week while enjoying recognition online.

Here’s a few places it showed up:

Article by CNN writer Brett Roegiers

Article by WIRED – RAW FILE writer Pete Brook


Post by BOING BOING editor Cory Doctorow (with thanks to Jesse)

The story continues….

I’ve had a few responses recently commenting on the current status of film and the photographic industry.  This fascinating story is still playing itself out and it’s difficult to determine what will happen in the next five years.   However, there is a story in the Democrat & Chronicle  about a recent podcast by Kodak spokesman Ed Monahan quoted as saying: “While I’d like to say we have seen the worst of it, we’re seeing just the beginning of another onslaught.”