Hollywood comes to film’s rescue.

WSJTwo years ago Kodak announced it would be producing motion picture film until 2015 under an agreement with four Hollywood studios. The movie industry is the last major market to make the shift from film to digital and many industry insiders have been saying that once Hollywood no longer needs film – it won’t be possible for Kodak or any other company to continue production; it’s just too complicated and expensive to manufacture as a niche product. Without the economy of scale provided by major studios – the manufacturers would be forced to wind down and discontinue the last remaining products available. Fuji threw in the towel in 2013 leaving the Kodak plant in Rochester as the only facility continuing to manufacture movie film. I’ve been watching this story because my still photographic films – specifically my color negative sheet films – can only be produced on the coat tails of those orders for millions of feet of motion picture film. I’ve been counting the days until I would have one less option for making photographs. However,a recent article in the Wall Street Journal states that a coalition of major movie studios have committed to continued, though limited production runs of film in the coming years.
I say, BRAVO!! and hope that this agreement continues long into the future. It is interesting to note that the push behind this deal is from individual artist/directors like Scorcese, Tarintino and Nolan who all use digital systems but do not want to lose the option of film for future productions. Once again the point is made that film and digital are different mediums.